Clearlight Designs came into being in 1993 in Darwin Australia when Warwick Pascoe bought a sandblaster and started experimenting with glass etching., “I first tried the traditional methods but quickly decided that I needed to do things my own way. Utilising a masking technique I had experimented with in my airbrushing, I had an initial success. I excitedly tried to replicate my good fortune but was rewarded with three months of frustration as I failed. My first result was a fluke.”

“Still, I knew it could be done, so I refused to yield. Finally, I was able to enjoy some consistency. It would be another three years of refinement and practice before my skill-set had ripened to the point where I felt it was time to launch Clearlight Designs as a glass etching studio.”

“Fifteen years later In 2011 with well over 50,000 hours working in this medium, including etching glass in its most primitive form -etched jewllery made from black obsidian formed in the lava of volcanoes, to fine crystal glassware, to major architectural glass installations. The demand was becoming too much to handle on my own. So i put a small team together and now we can handle large jobs on a corporate scale. This took the pressure off and the creativity began to flow unabated. This is when I etched a design, that I particularly liked, through the back of a mirror. When it was placed against a window the back lighting by the sunlight illuminated what has become a five year journey into the world of etched illuminated mirrors.”

“As far as the etched mirror was concerned I began to adhere to three major considerations when creating my pieces. Firstly, the actual artwork is prepared as white line on black background. Secondly, the paint on the back of the mirror requires special attention because it’s very easy to accidentally damage. Any mistakes really ‘light up”. Thirdly, the strategic placement of LED lights in a 25mm deep light box presents its own array of different requirements.”

The mirror is only part of the picture. A solid two years has gone into the development of the backing structures for both the timber backed mirrors for living areas, and, the wet area mirrors, which have an aluminium backing chassis and are fitted with IP67 rated 12 volt DC electrical components. 

We are always on the lookout for way to improve our product. Our small team is able to implement innovations immediately.

In April 2016 we moved to Sydney where we have expanded and upgraded our facilities. Thanks to the internet we are receiving enquiries and commissions for our avant-gard lighted mirrors from the corporate sector including casinos and 5 star hotels from all over the world.