Corporate Lighted Signage

Posted on Mar 4, 2014 in Blog, News

Located on the top 13th Floor of The Toowong Tower Brisbane

We received an email from a corporate client who needed something special in the way of signage. It was to go on a wall that was adjacent to a very bright window and it was highly likely that the reflected light would make the sign ineffective. It had to be of high quality.
Acrylic was out as it would scratch over time,The backlighting had to be intense to combat the reflection of the daylight.
Mirror was also not an option. We tried something new. Two square metres of Starphire Glass painted black on the back. We sandblasted the logo through the paint and backlit with LEDs. The stylised “&” symbol in the logo was the important feature.
We had to make it as dynamic as possible. We tried something we had never done before, using a high resolution print on a special film we backlit the symbol and on our first attempt it turned out to be as spectacular as we hoped.
The black is solid jet black and the colour is spectacular and brilliant, yet not overdone – a perfect result.

Click on images to Zoom In and see in full 2000 x 1333 pixels

Corporate-lighted-signage-LED-clearlight-designs-7 Corporate-lighted-signage-LED-clearlight-designs-6 Corporate-lighted-signage-LED-clearlight-designs-3Corporate-lighted-signage-LED-clearlight-designs-5 Corporate-lighted-signage-LED-clearlight-designs-4 Corporate-lighted-signage-LED-clearlight-designs-2

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