Custom Lectern

Posted on Mar 20, 2014 in Blog, News

Custom Lectern

In 1965, Nel Law, wife of the first permanent director of the Antarctic Division, Dr Phillip Law, established the Antarctic Wives’ Association of Australia, to be a social link and source of support for wives of ANARE expeditioners. The organisation is now called the Antarctic Family and Friends Association, in acknowledgment of changes both to society and to ANARE, in particular with the increasing numbers of women expeditioners.

Clearlight Designs was commissioned to create a custom lectern. The commemorative glass plaque would be in memory of Nel and Phil Law.  The plaque was to be an edge lit thick panel of sandblast carved glass depicting two Snow Petrels in an ice cave. After consideration of where the plaque should be housed, and who would see it, and when, It was decided to incorporate it into a lectern that could be used when the Association gathered. Especially when expeditions were departing by ship to the Antarctic. After the design was finalised Callan took on the task of the timber construction. Warwick started on the 2 panels, one behind the other, both edge lit with LEDs. White birds in a white cave, all you really see is 2 beaks and 4 eyes. Rebecca Kilpatrick helped out once again by illustrating a great balance of light and shadow that would make the job of carving and polishing the glass easier to envisage. The front panel is the entrance to the cave complete with icicles. The birds, carved into the back panel were highlighted with the edge lighting. The darker tones are created by polishing back the sandblasted glass and allowing the dark timber behind the panel to show through. The more the glass is polished the darker the glass appears. The beaks end eyes were highly polished for maximum effect.