Grand Designs Live Sydney

Posted on Oct 26, 2013 in Blog, News

Last weekend saw Clearlight team members – Warwick, Lucas & Callan head down to Sydney for Grand Designs Live, the premium home show. Utilising Callan’s set building skills we customised our stand and hung a splendid array of Clearlight Mirrors. We were located in the Kitchen & Bathroom section and as such primarily featured our Bathroom light mirrors.
These were:
– 600mm x 800mm ‘Eleven’ light style featuring ‘Gorgonia’ light aesthetic
– 1200mm x 900mm ‘Verge’ light style featuring the clean crisp ‘Modern’ aesthetic
– 750mm x 750mm ‘Verge’ light style featuring the ‘Art Deco’ aesthetic. This mirror is fitted with coloured LED lights operated via Smartphone app
– 600mm x 800mm x 140mm Shaving Cabinet, hand made using Western Red Cedar. The door is a light mirror with ‘Focus’ light style featuring ‘Modern’ aesthetic.

We also hung a selection of timber framed, living area mirrors. These were more avant-garde commissioned art pieces which demonstrate the intricacy of our etchings.

Our stand was opposite KBDI (Kitchen and Bathroom Design Institute) – a pleasant surprise. We learned a lot from them as did a continuous stream of Grand Designs Live attendees consulting with their award winning designers. Director Simon Hodgson was particularly knowledgable regarding all things kitchen & bathroom. Thanks Simon!

Highlights of the show include meeting Grand Designs Australia host Peter Maddison as well as listening to Kevin McCloud, Grand Designs host UK, speak about shared living.

We talked about our mirrors all day & we strode around our stand all day. Our afternoon coffee, with 5 shots each was a bit stronger than usual and it got us over the line and rollicking into the night for dinner in Chinatown.

Overall we had our most successful show yet.

Kudos Grand Designs Live

Regards, Lucas Greenham

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