Shangri-La Hotel The Marina Cairns 5-star Hotel Refurbishment

Posted on Jun 7, 2015 in Blog, News


Shangri-La Hotel The Marina Cairns 5-star Hotel Refurbishment.

Since we finished our part in the renovation of the Shangri-La Hotel in Sydney we have enjoyed a really busy 7 months. This included delivering our mirrors to Sydney at the end of each month to a host of different clients with jobs ranging from new builds to renovations.  We have also shipped mirrors to WA, SA, Vic, Qld and the ACT, Also the USA, UK and EU. Building a crate for a 2 metre long mirror was a real challenge at first, now it is a smooth process using carefully selected materials, each contributing to the job of supporting a large flat glass mirror should a mishap occur enroute.

shangri-la-hotel-cairnsThe designers for the Shangri-La Hotel – The Marina – Cairns wanted special mirrors, 34 of them. We were given a basic plan of 2 different styles of mirror and an illustration of what they should look like. Our challenge was to come up with the best and most practical way to make them. After two days of innovative trials we were all set. We started manufacture and by the time we had made the first five or so it became a smooth production process.   

Some of the mirrors were 2.1 metres long and about 1 metre high weighing in at around 70kgs with a sturdy aluminium frame 60mm deep. We finished production on time and rather than building a lot of long heavy crates and entrusting them to someone else we decided to hire a truck and pack them safely inside. All went smoothly with the trip and delivery, also, when we arrived we were able to discuss handling and installation with the guys assigned to that task. 

We took some photos after the installation of the first big mirror. We will have more images after the professional photographers have done their bit after the refurbishment is finished.

Now its back to work catching up on orders and hopefully getting our lead time back down to two or three weeks.

Cheers  Clearlight Designs