Clearlight Designs Three Year Warranty on Lighted Mirror Products

Clearlight Designs is proud to offer a three-year warranty from the date of purchase to the original owner for repair or replacement of any defective materials or workmanship that inhibit product functionality.
This warranty shall be void in the event of misuse or noncompliance with recommended environmental conditions, installation and/or maintenance procedures and Clearlight Designs accepts no liability or responsibility whatsoever for any damages incidental or otherwise further to those expressed within the specified terms of the product warranty.
Warranty terms exclude delivery, removal or installation of the product and any claims shall be forwarded in writing to Clearlight Designs for return instructions at the user’s expense and prompt resolve.

Recommended Environmental Conditions
• Operating temperature range -25°C to 45°C.
• Input Voltage: AC 170-250V.

Care & Maintenance
• Wear gloves while cleaning and remove jewellery and watches.
• Wipe a few drops of Methylated Spirits over the mirror surface with a clean, damp cloth ensuring no spillage around the edges.
• Polish the surface dry with a lint-free cloth.
• Avoid contact with the mirror backing, particularly at the edge of the glass.
• Keep any moisture away from the backing of the mirror.
• Do not use cleaning aids such as steel wool, scouring bristles or other metallic or abrasive materials.
• Do not clean with corrosive products of any kind, example bleach or ammonia-based products.
• Do not use toilet bowel flush cleaners of any kind, in a room with a Clearlight Designs Mirror is present.
• Do not use products of any kind, example bleach or ammonia-based products of any kind to clean a room in which a Clearlight Designs Mirror is present.

If you use bleach or ammonia in the bathroom the warranty on a Clearlight Designs mirror will be voided.

Any use of toilet bowl flush cleaners this will also void the warranty of a Clearlight Designs Mirror. As small vapour particles containing bleach and or ammonia evaporate into the air, causing corrosion on the mirror.

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